Good Charlotte To Release New Album And Go On Tour After 6 Year Hiatus

by Rafeal Crawford
Good Charlotte

Rock group Good Charlotte will be ending their six year hiatus away from the music scene to return with a new album and mini tour this year. The band, which is led by Joel and Benji Madden whom are brothers made the announcement on Monday March 14th.

“The new album is like our previous albums in that it’s for people who love music and are constantly motivated and trying to live a rad life. Everyone has something to prove to themselves, waking up every day and deciding to change their life for the better and help others do the same. GC has always been about doing this together, motivating each other, finding the unity and energy that exists in taking life’s challenges and coming out on the other side. It’s about being inspired and excited to be both who you are and who you want to be.”

They will kickoff their mini tour which start in Philadelphia on April 18th and they will hit other cities like Washington D.C., Boston, & New York. Fans can expect the new album this summer.

Tickets will go on sale March 18th

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