Bashiri Asad Presents: “The Gil Suite”

by Raheem Karim

Bashiri Asad is an indie-soul singer/songwriter from Indianapolis.  He brings the smooth harmony sound of soul to life in his music on The Gil Suite. He starts off educating his listeners with poetic wordplay over rugged drum beats, horns, and acoustic instruments. Bashiri showcases his vocals and uplifts your spirit with a message in every song. The musicianship and production will make you want more.  Bashiri in his own words states:

“As an artist it is our responsibility to provide the soundtrack(visual or audio) to the life and times that we’re living in. As a singer, I feel it’s my obligation to pay tribute to those that have paved the way for me and my contemporaries. This project is a tribute to an icon, one that inspired me and provided so much to a generation of emcees, singers and poets. “

Executive Produced and arranged by dr. bass + vicelikemiami, and including a host of great musicians, this is my offering to our life and times.
Ladies and Gentlemen: The Gil Suite

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