Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms Needs Your Vote For Mayor

by Raheem Karim
Keisha Lance Bottoms

Keisha Lance Bottoms

Why Keisha Lance Bottoms Needs Your Vote To Become Atlanta’s Next Mayor

This Tuesday December 5th citizens of Atlanta will decide who is the 60th mayor of this great city. It is very important that Keisha Lance Bottoms defeats Mary Norwood in this race. The city of Atlanta is facing a transitioning time with issues such as affordable housing, transportation, and gentrification. Now is not the time to be complacent and not go to the ballot box. You seen what happened last time, we got Donald Trump as President (of course he had help).

This is not about race, but unfortunately it plays a role because the race card is always pulled by the media. Keisha Lance Bottoms is the only candidate up to the task to tackle the issues head on in a fair way. Mrs. Bottoms is a fifth-generation Atlantan and a product of the Atlanta public schools who became a lawyer and judge despite a father who served time in prison.

Unlike Mary Norwood, Bottoms has actually walked and lived in the Southwest and Northwest Atlanta neighborhoods where long time residents are being priced and pushed out. With the addition of the Atlanta Beltline and Mercedes Benz Stadium, condos, big box business, and new homes. This is all well and good if it benefited everyone.

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Dare I say it because I don’t want to play the race card, but damn what happens to African American culture, affordable housing, and current and more black owned businesses?

Lets shift the focus to downtown Atlanta where new condos are being built almost every month. The average black or white Atlantan is being pushed out of the city. Mary Norwood supports big development to appease her Republican friends.

Women are constantly fighting for equality, and proper recognition for their hard work and skill sets. So as a father of a sixteen year old daughter I was taking back by the sexist comments of Mary Norwood; suggesting Lance Bottoms is a extension of current Mayor Kasim Reed. Also stating she has only gotten this far because of him. After further research Lance Bottoms has gotten where she is through hard work and dedication to the people not because of Kasim Reed.


Keisha Lance Bottoms has been clear where stands on issues and she has always voted Democrat.

Mary Norwood is a fake, a phony, and a liar.

Mary Norwood has 25 years in office and has run underneath the Democratic party tag, but when she sought a higher office eight years ago and seen her being a Democrat would not get her elected, she secretly switched over. Norwood claims to be independent but has yet to denounce any of Donald Trump’s policies, and she has mostly republican backers.

Ms. Norwood we did not forget about the recording when you called black people thugs from the projects the reason why you lost the election 8 years ago.

Ms. Norwood you have the audacity to come in our neighborhoods and hang up your yard signs and pay homeless or financially desperate black people to campaign for you. You don’t care about people or this city.

Keisha Lance Bottoms is the only genuine candidate is this race. She is for the people. Get out and vote.

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