Artist On The Rise Ambrose Chappel & iKa$hflo… “After The Bum-Rush”

by Rafeal Crawford


As a kid I always loved hip hop as a music and an art form. I started out making beats for Signature Stylez and dropping an occasional verse or two, to dropping my own songs, soon after mixtapes and then an album with Ambrose Chappel. Our music is Part of my an electro hip hop party trip. The music is all party themed starting from “Stimuli” all the way to “My Monika”...its like the lyrical electro journey throughout the day, like a soundtrack to the weekend. I started making music when I with a casio sk1 key board that had a 3 sec sampler and drum pad and keyboard way back in the day. Eazy E is the person who made me want to write raps. When I heard him spit it I wanted to do it. I was also inspired by dr dre, qtip, rza, pete rock etc. Music makes the world go round, music is culture and the provider of an individuals identity. It is also your personal soundtrack to the film of your life. Music helps me express my feeling s about things that i went through or still going through. music is an escape for me. No matter whats going on I can tune into some music and be carefree.

Daniel John Ballinger born 1978 in Southport in England near Liverpool, is better known as Ambrose Chappel the producer behind the album “After the bum-rush”

Working from his small flat by the sea, Ambrose produces funky hip hop infused with electro and ska creating short instrumentals before sending them over to Ikashflo in Atlanta USA, where Kevin Somerville aka Ikashflo puts rhymes over the beats then sends them back.

Using the vocals, Ambrose creates structures to the tunes and often singing in the chorus. He also adds scratching for that authentic hip hop sound.

The music is influenced by the rap groups of the late 80s and early 90s such as EPMD, Boogie down productions and the gangsta rap movement albeit without the bad language and the violent lyrics. The music and lyrics are based around partying and having fun.

Having never met, Ambrose and Ikashflo’s is truly a uniquely produced album.

Released earlier last month by the small electronic record label Romeda Records.


1. Time Again

2. My Moves

3. Microphone Assanator

4. Places 2 Go

5. Monika

6. Stimula

7. Da Morning

8. Pump Up Da Jam

9. Freak

10.Friday Night

11.Pick it Up

12.Thanks 2 Her

13.Not Alone

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