A Zora Story Soundtrack – Official Press Release

by Raheem Karim
A Zora Story

In a true artistic-collaboration that puts talent, history and music on bright & beautiful display for all to see/hear – A Zora Story is coming out as a short-film being featured at the University of Central Florida’s art-gallery opening on January 15th, 2016. A highly-entertaining story that brings together extraordinary music, visual-art and smart creative-writing – A Zora Story features the hard-work, efforts and multi-talents of some of today’s most exciting and unique-voices in entertainment collaborating as one entity.

The soundtrack to A Zora Story reflects the passionate approach taken towards the film by creating dynamic music, sounds & sounds to bring out the emotions. Produced by Marcus Banks and featuring Sista Whirlwind’s legendary Hip-Hop vocals and poetic-rhymes – the collaborative effort & talent shared between them results in music that moves the mind, body and soul. With thought-provoking & sharp-lyricism from one of the best-emcees on the m-i-c – Sista Whirlwind is at the top of her game on the soundtrack to A Zora Story; she’s also currently putting the finishing touches on her first solo-release, Windstorm, due out in 2016.

The sound track is based upon the life of influential writer & anthropologist Zora Neal Hurston – A Zora Story reveals the captivating story behind one of the first pioneering black women in African American history. Brought to life & to the screen by producer Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez of solislandmediaworks and featuring the dynamic-sounds & vibrant, emotional and stunning hip-hop/Broadway dancer by Shaneeka Harrell -music of Sista Whirlwind – everything put into A Zora Story serves a defined-purpose and uses precision-timing to reveal the true messages in this important new short-film.

The sound track will be released on January 15 on all major outlets – iTunes, Google Play, Sony, 7 digital, Vevo, Spotify, Juno, Youtube and Amazon mp3 along with www.sistawhirlwind.com. This is double release A side –They are watching, B side – Bring it back.

Click the Soundcloud link below to listen to the soundtrack.
A Zora Story Soundtrack

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