Philly Producer RJD2 Plans To Release Soul Inspired LP ‘Dame Fortune’

by Raheem Karim

Philadelphia producer RJD2 is set to release a soul inspired album ‘Dame Fortune’ on March 25th. The singer-songwriter has experimented blending hip-hop with live instrumentation over the years. With new album RJD2 is moving in a new direction diving more into soul.

Dame Fortune features guest vocals from Son Little (Aaron Livingston) and frequent collaborator Phonte. The 12-track LP includes an orchestral composition – “PF, Day One,” which stands for “Post-Ferguson” – inspired by modern social unrest.

The album maintains RJD2’s hip-hop-leaning production style and experimental streak, but was also inspired by the soul music of his hometown. “Living in Philly provided a context for a lot of soul music that I had liked,” he said in a statement. “I didn’t have any cultural context for this music that I liked – it was just music that I had stumbled across as a beat-making nerd. Philly was a place where there were enough people who had the same musical vocabulary that I did, which made the music more than something I had just discovered on my own.”

RJD2 has released the LP’s thought-provoking lead single, “Peace of What,” inspired by rap group Main Source’s 1991 track “Peace Is Not the Word to Play”. Listen to the track below.

RJD2 – Dame Fortune Track List

1. “A Portal Inward”
2. “The Roaming Hoard”
3. “Peace of What” (feat. Jordan Brown)
4. “The Sheboygan Left”
5. “A New Theory”
6. “We Come Alive” (feat. Son Little)
7. “PF, Day One”
8. “Saboteur” (feat. Phonte Coleman)
9. “Your Nostalgic Heart and Lung”
10. “Up In The Clouds” (feat. Blueprint)
11. “Band of Matron Saints” (feat. Josh Krajcik)
12. “Portals Outward”

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